It was only just a dream

I’m pretty sure you’ve had experiences where your dreams seemed so real at the time. I honestly thought you were awake and you were that hero in your dream or whatever your imagination decided to conjure up that night. Everything just seemed so real, the things you touched, the seemingly perfect lifestyle that you were living in your dream. When you wake, you can only recall the last thing that happened. You sit on your bed and ponder why it felt so real and ask yourself “Why did it have to end?” If only there was a way to go back to that “reality”. Everything just seems so much better when we’re dreaming. I personally think that someone should invent a button that sends you back into the same dream world (It’s impossible, I should stop trying).

The same thing goes for music, if you relate to it, you begin to think and dream about experiences that you’ve had. I’ve done this many times and the results were often tears of sadness but it can also bring me joy. I often listen to songs on the lowest volume that my iphone has to offer as I drift off to sleep. I leave the music playing and surprisingly, I always wake up in a better mood the next day. I don’t know if it’s just me but hey, it works! I’ve had those moments where my dreams were too realistic and when I wake, I lose sight of reality for just a second trying to figure out if this was real or not. I’ve always pondered if we were living in a dream and if someone was watching our every move. Sort of like “The Sims”! Will we wake up one morning as a different life form and realize that our entire life as humans was just a big and cruel dream? Probably not but you can’t help but think about it sometimes.

I talked about the darkness that with within me before and I guess my dreams are away to escape this harsh reality that life has thrown at us. I’d rather live in that world of illusion and eternal happiness. Who wouldn’t? Now, I’m not saying that life here is totally crap but sometimes you can’t help it and you want everything to go away. The moon always fascinated me, I spent quite a long time looking up at it and just thinking about what the next day would bring. Sometimes I just hope that I would have a good dream because of the events that happened the day before.

Music and the ability to dream. I wouldn’t be here without those two things right now.