DO you ever just…

“Asdfghjkladsfjlabhddsadfdagjkdfgouidagjl” Gibberish? Yeah, that’s kind of what’s going in my mind at the moment. Not sure what’s in the air today (perhaps it’s my colleague’s farts setting things off) but EVERY – SINGLE – THING is pissing me off today. It doesn’t matter how insignificant and small the problem is because apparently my brain thinks that they’re all on the same level of utter horse manure at the moment. Why isn’t the stapler full of staples? Is my hair TRYING to piss me off on purpose by being slightly off centre? Why are the tissues blue instead of white? WILL THE PHONES IN THE OFFICE JUST SHUT UP FOR 30 SECONDS?! Snap, crackle, pop. Rinse and repeat.  It’s just like the rice bubbles cereal except instead of cereal pieces, it’s the brain cells in my head doing the snapping, crackling and popping. I can’t even stare at something for two whole seconds (Oh the horror!) without either wanting to set it on fire OR throw whatever it is out the window and THEN set the thing on fire. Hopefully it’s going to get struck by lightning too. Oh I’m overreacting? Tell that to mother nature. WHY THE HELL MUST YOU BE ALL SO DOOM AND GLOOM TODAY?! The weather man is a liar. A freaking L-I-A-R I tell you! Now my umbrella is sitting in my bed where I’d much rather be right now. God it’s cold. Why the fuck did I decide to wear short sleeves in winter? Oh no, no, no. It’s obviously not my fault; let’s all blame the weatherman because he’s oh, I don’t know, a liar.

Let’s not even get started with how slow the office computer is today. Oh no, it’s doing things 0.5 seconds late. It’s okay. It’s not like I’m busy or anything. Just take your sweet ass time sending that email. The computer is being selfish! Yeah, that’s what it’s doing. It has no regards for anyone but itself because it does things according to its schedule and never time mine. DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHO TURNED YOU ON THIS MORNING?! God, you’re so freaking inconsiderate! Grrrrrrrrrr!!! I hate people. I hate machines. I hate pretty much anything and everything. Oh wait, I don’t hate food. Ice cream never talks back to you and nor does a pizza… or burger… or fries… mmm… food… … Oh shut the fuck up Mariah! I’m having a happy moment thinking about food here! Now is NOT the time for your squealing-filled-song about you and Nick! I suppose you’re not to blame; the phone put your song on after all. Stupid machines.

Anyway, I guess I better get me and my resting bitch face (Oh yeah, it’s there) back to work before some asshole decides to tell me off for not doing work and blogging instead. How freaking rude and inconsiderate would that be?!

Peace out. Set things on fire. Wait, I mean spread love, happiness and rainbows.



…and then set things on fire Smile.

Love you all! Except if you’re the weatherman. Fuck you weatherman.

Light and Dark: Two sides of the same coin

You know, I can’t help think and ponder about what light and dark really is. I guess some people see them as opposites but I see them as two entities that cannot exist without the other. Think about it, if there were wasn’t any darkness in this world, where would we learn and know the good things in life? It is within darkness where good things are born. The same goes for light. Through light, darkness is born. Two entities that cannot exist without the company of it’s opposite. There’s not really a good and evil in this world, there’s only people and the choices that they make. You could say that certain people have been corrupted by darkness and therefore do things that are considered as criminal or evil.

It’s the same for light because it is very possible to corrupt yourself with light and blind yourself from the truth or even people. Take religious extremists, they are so focused on their views and are blinded by the corruption of their “light”. I guess what I’m trying to say is that there is no such thing as being “truly good” and “truly evil”. There doesn’t exist a person without a mix of light and darkness within their hearts. I bet even the Pope has some sort of darkness within him.

Saying this, I don’t know what I am as a person. I am neither good or bad, light or dark. I’ve been exposed within the darkness ever since I was a small child but I never let it corrupt me. In fact, I harnessed that power of darkness within me to strengthen the small light that was inside of me. I’m not too sure if you guys would understand what I’m trying to say but… I guess what I’m trying to say is that equilibrium is needed in order to find true peace. Instead of trying to suppress and hide the darkness from within, let it flow through you but at the same time allowing your “light” to mix with the darkness, allowing yourself to be within both worlds. A perfect balance between light and darkness. From my experiences, my darkness within has taught me to be respectful, not judge others for wanting to be themselves and appreciate art at a personal level. Though it has ruined my self esteem and confidence, I wouldn’t have it any other way because I wouldn’t be who I am at the moment.


Good can easily turn to evil. Evil can easily turn into good. Light and dark are the two sides of the “equilibrium” coin. Don’t treat them as opposites but as brother and sister. Find true peace within yourself.

Don’t corrupt yourself with one side. You control your own life.