DO you ever just…

“Asdfghjkladsfjlabhddsadfdagjkdfgouidagjl” Gibberish? Yeah, that’s kind of what’s going in my mind at the moment. Not sure what’s in the air today (perhaps it’s my colleague’s farts setting things off) but EVERY – SINGLE – THING is pissing me off today. It doesn’t matter how insignificant and small the problem is because apparently my brain thinks that they’re all on the same level of utter horse manure at the moment. Why isn’t the stapler full of staples? Is my hair TRYING to piss me off on purpose by being slightly off centre? Why are the tissues blue instead of white? WILL THE PHONES IN THE OFFICE JUST SHUT UP FOR 30 SECONDS?! Snap, crackle, pop. Rinse and repeat.  It’s just like the rice bubbles cereal except instead of cereal pieces, it’s the brain cells in my head doing the snapping, crackling and popping. I can’t even stare at something for two whole seconds (Oh the horror!) without either wanting to set it on fire OR throw whatever it is out the window and THEN set the thing on fire. Hopefully it’s going to get struck by lightning too. Oh I’m overreacting? Tell that to mother nature. WHY THE HELL MUST YOU BE ALL SO DOOM AND GLOOM TODAY?! The weather man is a liar. A freaking L-I-A-R I tell you! Now my umbrella is sitting in my bed where I’d much rather be right now. God it’s cold. Why the fuck did I decide to wear short sleeves in winter? Oh no, no, no. It’s obviously not my fault; let’s all blame the weatherman because he’s oh, I don’t know, a liar.

Let’s not even get started with how slow the office computer is today. Oh no, it’s doing things 0.5 seconds late. It’s okay. It’s not like I’m busy or anything. Just take your sweet ass time sending that email. The computer is being selfish! Yeah, that’s what it’s doing. It has no regards for anyone but itself because it does things according to its schedule and never time mine. DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHO TURNED YOU ON THIS MORNING?! God, you’re so freaking inconsiderate! Grrrrrrrrrr!!! I hate people. I hate machines. I hate pretty much anything and everything. Oh wait, I don’t hate food. Ice cream never talks back to you and nor does a pizza… or burger… or fries… mmm… food… … Oh shut the fuck up Mariah! I’m having a happy moment thinking about food here! Now is NOT the time for your squealing-filled-song about you and Nick! I suppose you’re not to blame; the phone put your song on after all. Stupid machines.

Anyway, I guess I better get me and my resting bitch face (Oh yeah, it’s there) back to work before some asshole decides to tell me off for not doing work and blogging instead. How freaking rude and inconsiderate would that be?!

Peace out. Set things on fire. Wait, I mean spread love, happiness and rainbows.



…and then set things on fire Smile.

Love you all! Except if you’re the weatherman. Fuck you weatherman.

Daydreaming: just another illusion

Sometimes you just stare out of the window and see a bright blue sky, plants and trees slowly blowing in the breeze and you just can’t help but get lost in the moment. It’s almost like a trance of elegance (if such a sing even existed…). I would find myself staring out of my window for long a duration of time and not know why I was doing it in the first place. I guess nature itself is very captivating to me. I can’t help but admire all the small details that the world has to offer. It’s like all the bad things and the bad people in the world have suddenly vanished, my fears swept away by the breeze. Everything is harmonious until… well, you snap out of it I guess.

That’s when it all comes rushing back to you, the sudden realization that you were lost in a world of illusion, a world of peace. I mean, if you take a look at this world, you can’t really say that we’ve achieved peace. The truth is as long as there’s hate in the world, there will always be conflict. It’s how the human race is and I know for a fact, there isn’t much hope that we’ll achieve world peace. Everyone has different values and beliefs and some people force their beliefs down people. Not really a peaceful world right?

Perhaps daydreaming was an inbuilt mechanism for us humans to escape reality just for a moment and live in that world of peace. That’s the way I view it at least, not sure about you guys. A world without conflict, where everyone can get along and be liked for who they are as a person. That’s the kind of world that I’d want to live in. Unfortunately the only way for us to travel there is through the illusion of daydreaming and our dreams at night. They seem so real at the time but they crumble when you wake from them.


Perhaps, someday… the human race will achieve true peace. I highly doubt it though. It’s just another illusion waiting to be shattered.