Time – A double-edged sword

Aging, it’s something that gets mixed emotions depending on which people you decide to talk to. Some find the ability to age fun while others miss their youth. Nevertheless, aging is apart of life as well as a part of being human and we cannot escape it. Time is the power that controls the flow of the world, without it we would be at a standstill without any achievements. Without the flow of time, we wouldn’t be able to function or even exist. This being said, time is a power that we cannot see but we feel it’s power instead. It’s power is felt through different ways such as aging. It is a “double-edged” power which means that it has a price and this price would be death. Time allows us go grow, to make friends, to experience life but most importantly, it’s ultimate power is the power to heal physical and emotional scars that your body has managed to endure over the years. The more we are exposed to the power of time, it’s positive attributes slowly wear off and in the end it slowly destroys our bodies resulting in the end of our lives. This is why it is such a powerful power in the universe. The cost for the power of time is the ultimate price which is our own lives.

From the moment we are born we are immediately exposed to the double-edged power. I guess it’s a contract that comes with life itself. From the moment we are conceived we are placed into this unbreakable contract. This being said, we cannot possibly know how much time is given to us. We can only sit and watch ourselves grow. The actions we make on a daily basis is the only way to control how much time we have remaining on this world; there is no other way to control this power and as much as we want to, there’s absolutely no way to hit pause or rewind like we do to our televisions. We all feel that way though, I’ve had plenty of experiences where I just wanted to rewind and restart everything but this is the beauty of time. If you allow it with your choices and actions as a human, time will actually start to heal all those mistakes. We may only move forward and we cannot stop moving. The only time that we are allowed any rest from time is when we are finally resting in peace.

We should all enjoy the time we have been granted on this world. After all, we never know if our time is up tomorrow. Cherish every moment of your life and don’t regret anything. Don’t be afraid of aging as it is only normal and a part of life. Time and aging shouldn’t seem like a bad thing; sure, it claims our lives in the end but we need to make sure to celebrate our time here with friends and family. Today marks a special day in my life, it is my sister’s birthday and time has blessed her in many ways.